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Many people who are first-time gun buyers or owners are surprised when they learn gun trusts exist. While anyone with a legally owned firearm can establish a gun trust, these trusts usually apply to people who own weapons that are classified as NFA Title II weapons, such as automatic machine gains and short-barreled shotguns. If you wish to manage your guns efficiently or make it easier for your guns to be inherited after you’ve passed away, contact our Charleston gun trust attorney. We can also help you understand why a gun trust may be beneficial for someone in your unique situation. With a thorough knowledge of federal and state laws concerning the possession and use of firearms, Bostic Law Group, P.A. can be trusted to handle your legal matters and ensure your future is secure. We’re more than happy to prepare your gun trust for you so you don’t have to worry about paperwork or making mistakes that can keep you from your legal goals.

Call (843) 350-9646 or contact our team online to schedule a consultation with our team. Our attorney Seth P. Sanders is an experienced gun trust attorney who can use his knowledge and resources to help you.

What Is A Gun Trust?

A gun trust is a legal entity that holds titles to your firearms and make it easier for individuals to manage and pass down their firearms. Gun trusts are also referred to as NFA trusts because they’re usually created to own firearms that fall under Title II of the National Firearms Act (NFA).

These trusts have specific rules to ensure that people don’t violate the NFA and federal gun laws, which can result in you losing your firearms, prison terms of up to 10 years, and fines that can add to $10,000. Title II firearms generally include:

  • Short-barreled shotguns
  • Short-barreled rifles
  • Suppressors
  • Machine guns
  • Any Other Weapons (AOWs), which are usually firearms or devices that don’t fit into any other category
  • Destructive devices, such as bombs, grenades, or mines

Gun trusts fall into two categories: revocable gun trusts and irrevocable gun trusts. Revocable gun trusts are more popular because they allow you to make modifications at any time, such as including co-trustees. Irrevocable gun trusts don’t allow for changes to be made after the signing or execution of the trust.

Advantages of a Gun Trust

Creating a gun trust can provide NFA firearm owners with multiple benefits, the most obvious being that it can ensure you are remaining compliant with all gun laws, which can be complex and challenging to remember or understand. Other advantages of a gun trust include:

  • Co-trustees can use and possess registered firearms: If your firearms are registered to a gun trust, they can be used and possessed by more than one person when you add or remove people to the trust. This is helpful to owners who frequently lend their firearms to friends or family members.
  • NFA firearms are inherited by beneficiaries: If your guns are registered in a gun trust, they can pass on to your beneficiaries according to the terms of your will. This will prevent the guns from having to go through the probate process, which can be slow and expensive.
  • Your firearms are protected upon a determination of incompetency: If the gun owner is deemed incompetent at any point, a co-trustee can take possession of the firearms and hold them on their behalf. As a result, the gun owner can still have their NFA firearms protected.

Our Attorney Can Help

Though creating a gun trust may seem clear-cut now, the reality is that there are many forms to fill out and details to consider. A firearms-focused attorney that has experience establishing gun trusts can sit you down, learn about your needs and desires, and give you options so you can establish a trust that works for you. Our legal team is happy to discuss the specific firearms you want to protect, appoint and remove co-trustees at any time, and ensure that your guns go to the right people after you’re gone.

Our Charleston gun trust attorney is available to answer your firearms-related questions when you call us for a consultation today at (843) 350-9646. We’re proud to serve gun owners throughout the great state of South Carolina.

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